Personal Projects

On The Spot.

I am experimenting with a project in which I have no say in the styling, it is all down to the subject. The first time I will know about the appearence will be at the start of the shoot and I will have to think on the spot to light them appropriately.


Enough Is Enough.

For my latest project I am creating using a subject as a metaphor for issues within fashion photography. The issues at hand are over sexualising and violence towards women. The subjects appearance and persona embodies these issues to show there severity and the damage they can have upon viewers.


Fire With Fire.

This project is inspired from the negative imagery towards women within fashion photography. Women seem to be subjected to violence and over sexualsing which I disagree with. To combat this negativity I am using models from the alternative subculture to fight fire wth fire and display my distaste towards these issues.



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